Second vs First – publishing my second book!

Hello friends!

I hope you’ve all been well. I’m sitting here on my veranda in the sun, just having finished the second draft of my third book – yes, the END of The Relic Trilogy! I’m feeling really good about where it ends up and I hope, more than anything, that the ending doesn’t disappoint my readers.

Book two in The Relic Trilogy came out a few weeks ago. I am floored by the incredible support that Riven has been receiving. The reviews are slowly trickling in on Amazon and Goodreads. If you’ve read Relic or Riven, I’d absolutely LOVE if you could leave a review and rating for me. They mean the world to us authors and really help spread the word.

“Loved every moment of this! From page one, it sucks you in and doesn’t let go.” – Dave, Goodreads (on Riven)

One question people have been asking a lot of me lately is how publishing my second book has compared to the first – what was different, harder, easier. Strangely, in so many ways, I found it harder to publish the second book. It was easier in that I knew my characters better, I understood the publishing process more and I was a more experienced editor. But then there were other things that made it challenging.

Firstly, I am determined to not let down my readers. You readers are everything to me. To all authors. Without you, where would we be? I create my stories for you as much as I do for myself. So when I’m writing my books, there’s always ‘the reader’ in the back of my mind. I want to make sure my story is amazing for them. And after having book one published, I saw what people loved or what they wanted to see more of. That definitely guided my hand in certain instances. I’m not sure if other authors are like that or if it’s the right thing to do. It’s my story, after all, but there will always be an element of the reader in the story. So I think it would be amiss of me to not keep them in mind!

“Bronwyn made this dark fantasy such an intriguing venture and I honestly think anyone who likes Helen Scheuerer, Alison Croggon, Sarah J Maas & Lynn Flewelling should read Relic. It is a gritty masterpiece, filled with heart, tears & courage.” – Anne, Amazon (on Relic)

Another really strange thing about publishing Riven was that I was neck-deep in the whole trilogy! When I was writing book one, Relic, it was before I was published, so I was just writing slowly and working on one book at a time. But now? I was celebrating the release of Riven, still pushing Relic and writing book three at the same time. It was a tad confusing at times – trying to remember where in the story I was at any given time. And to not accidentally mention the title of book three, for example. Or to link to the wrong book. Juggling three balls at the same time.

It was strange to publish Riven and know that I was closer to the end than I was to the beginning. Especially since I’m writing/editing book three, I realised that before I know it… this series will be done! Out in the world for everyone to read. I have been feeling more connected to Kaylan and my characters over the last few months. With Riven now released, I am beginning to mourn for my first fantasy series. It will be very hard to say goodbye to these characters. I know I still have months of editing book three to come, but soon enough it will be over!

“Riven continues the saga, and picks up where Relic left off. I couldn’t put the book down. Bronwyn Eley is now one of my favorite authors in the fantasy genre.” – Kathy, Goodreads (on Riven)

So I wonder what it will feel like when book three is out in the world and people are reading that last page. When I know that it’s over. When reviews start coming out. I can’t fathom it, to be honest! I’m so excited for it – also terrified. I want it to be everything my readers hoped for.

Haven’t read Relic or Riven yet? Here is a list of where you can find Riven, book two in The Relic Trilogy. You can find Relic on Amazon, Talem Press’ website, Booktopia, or Book Depository.

“If you’re already a fan of Relic, I can assure you Riven will also steal your heart. If you haven’t started this series yet, I highly recommend picking up Relic as soon as you can!” – Bookbookowl, Amazon (on Riven)

If you’re a writer, I’m sure you understand the love/frustration/confusion/fascination/passion that goes hand-in-hand with writing. If you’re not yet published, keep trying. It’s a hard slog and even once you are published, the journey doesn’t stop there. You have to keep working at it but if you love it as much as I do, that won’t be a tall order!

~ Bronwyn xo

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