Relic: the audiobook is here!

Great news everyone! I am stoked to announce that my debut YA fantasy novel Relic is now available as an audiobook! You’ll find it in all the usual places – Audible, iTunes, Kobo, etc. PLUS scroll down to listen to a sample clip.

I was under the impression that every single book was eventually made into an audiobook. Not sure why I thought that. I’ve since learned that there are criteria to meet before your book is made into an audiobook. For example, being on a bestseller list on Amazon for a certain number of weeks. Which, I’m pleased to say, Relic was! We were contacted by an American company called Tantor Media that creates audiobooks about turning Relic into one and… needless to say I was thrilled!

Right: thanks to nattie.kate.mason.writer on Insta for the snap!

Relic is read by a British voice actress called Gabrielle Baker. I am so excited that it is now out in the world. So if you’ve yet to read Relic or know someone who prefers to listen to their books (my dad lol) then now is the time!

I’ve attached a sample of Gabrielle reading from Relic below. Enjoy!

Relic – the audiobook on Audible.

Relic the ebook or paperback.

~ Bronwyn xo

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