Read an excerpt from Riven!

Book two in The Relic Trilogy is on it’s way, folks! I haven’t got an official release date for Riven yet but in the coming months, those of you who loved Relic will be able to get your hands on book two in the series. In the meantime, I thought I might share a small excerpt from Riven to ‘whet your appetite’.

Warning: there be spoilers ahead! If you haven’t read book one (Relic) then you may want to stop reading here.

Excerpt from Riven, book two in The Relic Trilogy


While his duties often kept him away for hours at a time, Edun always tried to squeeze in a few hours of study with me each day. It was slow progress. I had a list of questions from my reading, mostly from his journal entries, and we worked through them one by one.

‘There was an entry,’ I said one day, nodding to his journal, ‘that said something about the poison being unnatural?’

‘Ah, that.’ Edun hunched forward. ‘When I was young, I overheard my father telling my mother that the poisonous aspect of the Relic – the ambient pain everyone else around you feels, the poison that would have eventually killed you during your service to Rennard – wasn’t natural. That the Relic wasn’t meant to do that. That it was a mistake.’

‘How could it be a mistake?’

Edun sighed. ‘I have no idea. I was so young and too afraid to ask. Then I forgot about it until I wrote that entry.’

‘So basically … you know nothing?’ I smiled teasingly, but the reality of the words sank deep into my chest.

‘The Lords know very little. Which is why I was serious when I said the practical will help more than the theoretical.’

I wrung my hands together. ‘I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.’

Edun pursed his lips, but the expression wasn’t unkind. ‘Have you read Arian’s book yet?’

‘Not yet.’ I reached for Lissafel’s Triumph, somehow more afraid of this book than the others. What if reading it brought me closer to Rennard? Helped me understand him better? ‘It seemed the least important of the three.’

Lie. Edun took the book from me. ‘Don’t be fooled. This is in my collection for a reason. Lissafel was obsessed, and obsession can drive men to do great things.’

‘Was it written before or after Sir Ancell’s book?’

‘After. I think Sir Ancell would have benefited greatly from knowing a man like King Lissafel. Anyway …’ He put the volume down. ‘I think it’s about time we put the books away and start with the hard part.’ I wanted to speak, but nothing came out. ‘I wish there was some tonic I could give you,’ Edun continued. ‘Something simple to make you strong enough to resist it. Unfortunately – and I think you’ve already grasped this, Kaylan – the answer is both simple and complex: desire. It comes down to your desires. Right now, you’re enthralled by it. I can see it in your eyes every time you talk about it, every time you touch it. And every time you talk about getting rid of it, I see that light leave your eyes.’

I turned my head away. ‘But I do want to get rid of it.’

Edun nodded. ‘Part of you does, yes. The part of Kaylan that remembers what it was like before you had it. When it was making you suffer. Hurting your loved ones. But the deeper you bury yourself in it, the smaller that part becomes. You start to forget. You begin to adapt. The Relic becomes your normal. It always happens that way.

‘And before we try anything, you have to acknowledge these things. You say you want to protect your brother. Well, this makes that easier, no? The Relic means you can kill anyone who threatens him before they even take their first step toward him. It’s empowering. Intoxicating. You’ll start to believe you can change the Relic to suit your needs. You think it will be different with you. But Kaylan, trust me when I tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with these stones. They prey on every bad thought we have, every dark feeling, every black desire. They have changed every person who has ever used them and you will not be the exception to the rule.’


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