It’s Easy To Fall In Love With Scotland

It’s easy to fall in love with Scotland. More than that, it’s almost impossible not to. Even if you’re not a huge outdoor enthusiast, Scotland holds a charm that few other countries hold (in my opinion).

I moved to Scotland on Boxing Day 2019. It was meant to be the start of an epic one-two year adventure. Regretfully, because of COVID19, I decided to come home and wait it out with my family. What I ended up with was a three month adventure – and it feels like I had a lifetime there! As soon as I can go back to Scotland, I will. But for now I’m going to reminisce on my short but amazing time in Scotland.

When I first arrived, I was homesick. Seriously homesick. I always get that way but this was something else. This was the biggest thing I’ve ever done – the hardest. Even harder than when I joined the military. Why? Because I had nothing. No job, no friends, no day-to-day plans. I was drifting and I was overwhelmed by the task I had set myself. Yet I was determined, so despite being very sad at times, I pushed through it. My friends and family were there for me whenever I needed to chat (it’s times like these that I am beyond grateful for the Internet) and I found a huge amount of comfort in re-watching my favourite TV show Friends from the beginning.

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