A Writer’s Life: THE END IS NEAR.

This week I finished book three in The Relic Trilogy… so what does that mean?!

You said it, Rick.

I’m just kidding. LOTS. Lots to do. Editing, for one. Loooooots of editing. I know it sounds like I’m dreading it – but I actually love editing. Odd? Perhaps. But I know there are fellow editors out there who know the love I’m talking about.

It all began with Relic, book one in The Relic Trilogy. Since we’re all stuck at home anyway, I say now is the time to get yourself a copy! Besides, don’t we all kind of want to escape right now? I know I do. I just started a cool book called After the Flood by Kassandra Montag, which is perhaps kind of morbid since it’s about the world post a life-altering flood, but the point is… FICTION.

So I say: add Relic to your TBR list for the year 2020, because when we look back on this year all we will remember are the silly memes, the fact that we all regressed to being 16 (I feel like I’m grounded… anyone?) and that we read awesome books. So read, read, read!

Book two in the trilogy is called Riven – you can expect Riven to be hitting the digital shelves in the second half of 2020. No date has been set yet – this whole year is up in the air – but I promise it is coming! I have done the first round of copy edits and seen the cover – which I love. And I hope you will too!

But it’s all coming to an end in a way because this week I finished the third and final book of The Relic Trilogy.

Yes, Dustin, it is mental.

Mental is one word that comes to mind. I’ve been writing this trilogy since 2015 and it has consumed my life – in the best possible way. I never actually thought I’d become a published author. I’m beyond grateful to the people who continue to buy and read Relic. I hope their love for my story continues with Riven. I’m writing these books for you as much as I am for me. I write with my readers in mind. How can I make this chapter better? How can I make this scene more emotional? How can I make this ending more memorable? All. For. You.

I’m reading through the third book and making some final changes before I send it off to my publisher. Once that’s off, though, I am going to start planning for my next series.


Pheobe’s right. Brand new.

I won’t tell you anything about it yet since it’s still being developed. I have a rough idea. So once I sit down and start planning, I hope something amazing comes to life. *laughs awkwardly* Ah, the life of an author.

I’ve been really bad at posting lately. My only excuse is the generic one: ‘Omg sooooo much has been happening!’… but I’m going to make more time for it from now on! The virus has given us one gift: TIME. Time to catch up on our reading, to try new things, to figure out what we want from life, perhaps? I don’t know. Maybe it’s all too much. Maybe some of you just want to sit in your onesie eating Twisties and watching Say Yes To The Dress. Then do it! Don’t let anyone shame you.

I’ve binged watched Stranger Things 2.5 times over the last few weeks… so I’m not one to judge. Not. At. All.

As we get closer to the release date of Riven, there will be some giveaways happening! So stay tuned for that my wonderful followers. Don’t forget I’m on social (mostly active on Instagram @letters_from_neverland) but also on Twitter and Facebook.

Right now I’m sitting on my veranda with my dog Ruby. My feet are in the sun and I’ve put on my playlist dubbed ‘beautiful’. My view is of luscious green trees and pink Camellia flowers. I’m also contemplating lunch. Could be worse, right?

Speak soon everyone!

~ Bronwyn xo

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