Title reveal – book two in The Relic Trilogy!

Happy Thursday folks,

I am beyond thrilled this morning because I finally get to reveal the title of book two in The Relic Trilogy! You may have already read the first in the series, Relic, a dark YA fantasy that has been shocking and surprising readers alike since it’s release in September.

If not, check it all out here!

Anyway, without further ado… here is the title of book two!

Riven. I’m kind of obsessed with this title because it so accurately captures the theme of book two. At the end of Relic, things didn’t end up so well for Kaylan and many of the characters. Now, in Riven, Kaylan faces an unfamiliar world, relentless hunters and her inner demons.

Plus, isn’t riven just a great word?!

I hope you all love the title as much as I do and are getting excited for the book’s release next year. Stay tuned, because there will be more updates about Relic, Riven and my daily bookish (and soon-to-be Scottish) life.

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~ Bronwyn xo

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