A Writer’s Life: Snowballing

As I sit here eating my freshly baked ANZAC cookie, I’m thinking about how absurd life can be sometimes. I mean, one day I’m sitting there thinking ‘I’ll never get published’ and the next I’m getting emails from my publisher about covers, maps, assets, ARC copies… 

For so long it was just a dream. A dream that seemed so out of reach. Now it’s snowballing. Before I know it, it will be September and my book will be out in the world!

A scary thought, really! As someone who can be rather sensitive at times, I sure picked a conflicting career path. But I understand that every single person on this planet is the same, but also so different. Some people will love my book, others will hate it, others will find it ‘meh’… and that’s okay! That’s part of what makes life interesting. 

“If we all liked the same things, life would be boring!” – Mama Eley

Wise words. Words I will need to keep in mind. 

So onto a little update for you guys:

Things are coming along really well! It’s a dream to get along with and work well with your colleagues, so I’m immensely happy that is the case here! I find myself really liking my team at Talem Press – communication is open and great work is getting done.

What am I looking forward to most right now? I think getting that first message or comment about my book from someone I don’t know. A complete stranger who has noticed my book and is keen to read it. That will be a crazy moment!

Book one – Relic – is with my publisher and editor right now, getting those last-minute tweaks that are always necessary!

I am working on a rewrite of book two in The Relic Trilogy. I wrote it a while ago and it needs some serious reworking. I’m really enjoying the process though! One of my favourite characters in the series enters the story, so it’s been great fun writing his parts. I think you guys are really going to love him!

Apart from that, I’m living life! I have three jobs – writing my novels, Booktopia and I am also a barista on the weekends – so I don’t really slow down. I’m constantly reading for work, going to sport, socialising with friends and catching up on some much-needed Netflix.

I’m really looking forward to interacting with all you potential new readers one day very soon! 

That’s all for now!

~Bronwyn xo

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