REVIEW: Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye

circle-of-shadows.jpgCircle of Shadows
by Evelyn Skye
Review by Bronwyn Eley

Welcome to a thrilling new world of magic, warriors and betrayal. I was instantly pulled into author Evelyn Skye’s rich and fascinating world in her new book Circle of Shadows.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Sora and Daemon – two apprentice warriors of the Society of Taigas – as soon as you meet them. Not only are they partners – known as gaminas – they are best friends and bonded for life through a special link through which they share their emotions. Talk about breaking past barriers!

These two enjoy bending (or breaking) the rules of their strict society and this just sets up the reader to know that they will be the rule breakers when things go very, very wrong. Which they inevitably do, of course! 

The Kingdom of Kichona has thrived for a decade under the prosperous rule of Empress Aki, since she defeated her crazed and traitorous brother Prince Gin in a bloody battle. Thought to be dead, Prince Gin makes his miraculous (and less than welcome) return to finish what he started over ten years ago.

His plan involves countless innocents being sacrificed to the gods, all for the promise of a ‘utopia’ of sorts. Most believe this supposed gift from the gods is actually a curse – known as the Evermore – and Empress Aki, the taigas and our protagonists Sora and Daemon are determined to stop it.

Sora and Daemon – along with their friends Fairy and Broomstick – face challenge after challenge in their quest to expose Prince Gin and stop him before he can enact his plan.

Skye has a fantastic voice, injecting her writing with light-hearted humour, fast-paced action, and a memorable group of misfits. She has set her world up with a well of myth and magic so deep I can only imagine what incredible things are yet to come in the Kingdom of Kichona! 

~ Bronwyn xo

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