Book review: Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Vicious was our book club selection for the month (we’re known as the TBR Destroyers) and this was easily my favourite read so far! Basically, it’s about two college students who become obsessed with this myth about super-humans, known as ExtraOrdinary (EOs). Together they discover how one becomes an EO. They become EOs and then, well… sh*t hits the fan.

The word ‘vicious’ makes me think of animals tearing each other apart – nothing but blood and teeth and rage.

Put Eli and Victor into a room and you’ve got something pretty close to that. But instead of teeth, you’ve got guns and knives.

Their friendship had always been a delicate thing – a match made in hell, if you will. From the moment these two characters are introduced, you can sense just how wildly their lives are going to unravel.

It was interesting to read a book in which there was no ‘good’ character. I was definitely team Victor, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like the man. Some might say that Eli is the more evil of the two, but jealousy and vengeance are dangerous things and Victor falls prey to both. From the very beginning of the novel, Victor’s jealousy of Eli and Eli’s arrogance were a bad combination. Add superpowers to the mix and… well, it’s no wonder their friendship exploded.

And the collateral damage of this toxic relationship? Angie, Sydney, Serena, even Mitch to some degree.

And what Victor did to Dol?

Despite the unsettling nature of a revenge story, this was a wild ride! I love how V.E. Schwab structured the ‘countdown to midnight’ aka our climax. The chapters were short and snappy, jumping back and forth between their timelines, and each step we took towards Eli and Victor’s reunion had me biting my fingernails, wondering what on earth Victor had planned.

I kept thinking “But Eli seems too cruel and too smart to outwit! What has Victor got planned?”

No spoilers here my friends. Read it yourselves and find out.

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