Review: Eve of Man by Tom & Giovanna Fletcher

eve-of-man.jpgEve of Man
by Tom and Giovanna Fletcher
Review by Bronwyn (spoiler free)
I remember the moment I saw this book, lying on my friend’s desk at work. It was an advanced proof copy, something I’m always interested in – a hidden gem yet to be discovered – so I picked it up. If the awesome cover hadn’t already sold me, the description on the back would have!
This is exactly my kind of book and I’m even more sure of it after reading Eve of Man. Co-written by husband and wife team Tom and Giovanna Fletcher, this is a masterful adventure of love, freedom and justice.
The concept behind this world is a frightening one, a world in which girls are no longer born. Only boys. Until one day, fifty years later, when all the women of the world have turned old and grey, a girl is born. Naturally, she is named Eve and she is the saviour the world looks to.
In order to protect her, Eve is kept in a high-tech tower high above the mess and decay of the world below. Eve is oblivious at the start of the story, living her life and working towards her prescribed dream: to find the perfect mate and produce more females.
Enter Bram: her truest friend. Eve can open up to Bram like no one else, trusts him like no one else… only she has no idea who Bram really is. As a worker in the tower, Bram interacts with Eve as a hologram named Holly. How sly.
It is this act of falling in love with Bram that awakens Eve to what she really wants and, more importantly, what the world is really like. Her life has been one carefully controlled lie and, upon realising this, Eve’s desires begin to change. Go girl!

I’m so excited for book two – this is just the kind of rollicking, Hunger Games-esk, fight the system story I’ve been craving.

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