A writer’s life: gagging oneself is normal

Gagging yourself at your desk on a Friday night might sound crazy but it’s quite common when you’re living a writer’s life.

Some people go clubbing, some go on dates and some go to the movies. But not I! I gag myself in the name of research. I must say, not my favourite experience ever but I do what I must to make my writing as realistic as possible.

I do believe some context is required. My poor dear protagonist Kaylan is currently gagged, bound and beaten. Oh, d-d-d-d-dear. But, of course, this does not stop her from attempting to throw surly insults at her captors. In order to know how her words would sound coming out, I decided to gag myself. Highly unpleasant experience, right there.

I’ve done some weird things in the name of research and the things I’ve Googled, let me tell you! If anyone were to look at my browser history, they would be extremely disturbed. Examples include ‘What are the stages of body decomposition?’ and ‘What does it feel like to walk in and see a dead body?’ 

… of course the last would have varying responses but needless to say, these are things that, as a writer, I want to do justice. I can’t have experienced every single thing myself, therefore I consult my fellow Internet users and my trusty friend Google.

If you’re a writer – let me know some of the crazy things you’ve done or looked up in the name of research! Comment below, I’d love to know (that rhymed).
– Bron

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