Welcome, ‘gentlefriends’

OK, I may have taken the whole ‘welcome, gentlefriends’ thing from Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight, but it’s just so good.

Bronwyn: from the Welsh name Bronwen, meaning bron (“breast”) and gwen (“white, fair, blessed”). Yup.

For those of you who have read it, you’re with me right now, I can feel it. Disclaimer: I will not swear nearly as much as Jay’s narrator does.  For those you haven’t read it… I’m not going to say something quippy like ‘Do not come back here until you’ve read it’, coz let’s be honest, I want you here… I’m just starting out!

By now you should have figured out that this is a book blog. If you came here thinking otherwise: farewell, gentlefriend. Unless, of course, my pathetic ranting had convinced you to become a book nerd!

Moving on! My name is Bronwyn, but please call me Bron. Bronwyn is reserved for, well… I’m back. Sorry, I just sat for a quiet moment trying to think of who calls me Bronwyn on a regular basis. Nuff said.

Basically, this is a bookish blog where you’ll see my book reviews, updates on my novel (The Relic Series) and the occasional post about my work at Booktopia, Australia’s online bookstore.

Bron Neil
Hanging with the Neil Gaiman

My job at Booktopia is pretty cool. I do social media, blog content and, my favourite part, take care of the many authors that come in to visit us. I make sure their visit runs smoothly and I am the girl behind the lens! I film them, record their interviews (sometimes I even do the interviewing myself) and make sure their books get signed so fans (like you!) get their signed copy. I’ve ended up with a lot of new books lately, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Books and stories aren’t the only things I love. I’m that friend who always goes to the gym. I do F45 and Martial Arts (the love of my life), but once upon a time I fleeeeew through the air on flying Trapeze. Seriously.

I used to be in the military (wut) and now find myself in books? Weird. I’m a huge traveller, some of my favourite spots I’ve visited including Iceland, Mongolia, Portugal and Scotland. I also have a black Labrador called Ruby and she is LIFE.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.
– Bron




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