So, I’m a writer. Big surprise huh?

So, I’m a writer. Big surprise huh? I’m currently in the process of writing a fantasy trilogy and am out there trying to get an agent. Book one is called Relic and is complete (that is, until an editor – fingers crossed – gets their hands on it). Book two’s title is tentatively called Relic Hunters and is currently being rewritten by yours truly.

What is it all about, you ask?

Relic was inspired from reading incredible books like Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and The Study Series by Maria V. Synder. With a dash of Lord Sauron and his ‘One Ring’, Relic is set in a repressive medieval city, with a focus on tyranny, abuse, the decay of life and obsession with power.

kaylan - Copy.png
Meet Kaylan

My protagonist is a young, tenacious blacksmith called Kaylan Rove (see right). What’s up with the flower, you ask? Pfft, like I’m going to tell you. She spends her days wielding hammers, bending metal, chasing after her reckless alcoholic brother and escaping reality with Shae, her best friend and sex worker.

BOOM. Here comes the inciting incident. Lord Rennard, who sits up in his castle overlooking the city of Edriast, needs a new personal servant. Kaylan is, of course, the unlucky chosen one. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, the problem is that Lord Rennard possesses one of the rare and powerful Relics, a magic that protects his bloodline but is a slow poison to everyone else.

Shae – the BFF

…So basically her new ‘job’ is a death sentence. The closer she is to it and the longer she spends near it, the faster she will die. This, alas, is just how their world works. Lord Rennard needs a servant, right? He compensates the families of the servants but money is a cold comfort when you’re burying a loved one.

I don’t want to say much more but here are a few important things to know about the story. There is a man called Bellamy De Winter. Now Bellamy is a bit of an enigma. He also happens to be Rennard’s arch-nemesis. Why? Well, Bellamy has plans. Plans that involve a lot of dead bodies and his hands wrapping around Rennard’s Relic.

I can’t forget to mention Jesper, Rennard’s kind and abused wife, and Markus, a nobleman who shows interest in Kaylan. Idiot, she gon’ die.

I won’t say any more except for I hope my ‘blog pitch’ of Relic was enticing. Oh, if you’re wondering who did the awesome artwork, that would be my incredible friend and roommate Ash. Contact me if you’d like to get in touch with him about commissions.

I will be posting updates on The Relic Series and the whole ‘getting published process’, so stay tuned!

– Bron

renard - Copy
Lord Rennard
jesper1 - Copy












markusnobrind - Copy.png


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